We all share the fact that working – having a job – is the ultimate reassurance in life. And with family, a job becomes so much more important. It becomes a guarantee that you can pay for your groceries and make rent. Having a job means having the keys to your refrigerator. And although we don’t always admit it, losing our jobs is a constant worry. Our era is one of rapid technological change, of subcontracting, of immediacy and instability.

These constant worries are our constant priorities at Teamsters Local Union 931. And it’s the same things I’ve been saying since I was a Shop Steward over thirty years ago. Because whether you’re a Steward, a Business Agent or even President of the Local Union, our mission does not change.

Since becoming President of Teamsters Local Union 931 on July 4 2006, and this after over 23 years serving members as a Business Agent, I’ve had the opportunity to deepen my understanding of what it means to defend workers. With over 100 union certifications, the goal of Teamsters Local Union 931 hasn’t changed since my days as shop steward: to deliver efficient, quality services to our members.

At Teamsters Local Union 931, everyone takes to heart the mission of defending workers and improving working conditions. It’s a mission we do with passion and efficiency.

Gerry Boutin
President of Teamsters Local 931