Teamsters Quebec Local Union 931 is made up of a team of dynamic Business Agents who were all recruited in their workplace while performing their duties as Shop Stewards. The team also has a full-time lawyer and administrative assistants.

Teamsters Quebec Local 931 has a stellar reputation, due in large part to the great diversity of members and industries belonging to the Local and, especially, to the professional energy with which its members are represented.


Richard Lamoureux – President

Brother Richard Lamoureux became a member of Local Union 931 in 1987 when he was employed by Purolator Courier. He was elected as Shop Steward in the same year and in 1989 he became chief delegate. In 1993, he was appointed Assistant Business Agent and in May 1995, he was hired as Business Agent. He was appointed to the Trustee position within the Executive Committee in 1999 and Vice-President in September 2013. Brother Lamoureux participates during national contract negotiations with UPS.

Since September 2006, Brother Lamoureux sits as Director on the Annuities Committee for the Trucking Industry in the Montreal area as well as a Director on the Board of Directors monitoring the Insurance Plan of this Committee.

On January 1st, 2019, Brother Lamoureux was appointed President, succeeding Gerry Boutin.

Pierre-André Blanchard – Secretary-Treasurer and Lawyer

Brother Pierre-André Blanchard is the only union representative who was not formerly a Shop Steward. Mr. Blanchard is a lawyer with a Bachelor’s degree in industrial relations (B.A.) and a Bachelor’s degree in law (LL.B.). He was hired at Local Union 931 in December 1992 and became a member of Local Union 931 in 1998 when he was appointed the Recording Secretary for the Executive Board. In April 2002, he was appointed Assistant to the President, and in July 2006, he became the Vice President. Brother Blanchard argues grievances and proceedings before the courts, including the grievance arbitration court, acts as a legal advisor for the local union and sits on the Comité d’assurance (insurance committee) of Local Union 931. Brother Blanchard is also special assistant to the canadian President.

On September 1, 2013, Brother Blanchard became the Secretary-Treasurer of Local Union 931, succeeding Alain DeGrandpré, who retired after 33 years as the union representative of Local Union 931. He was also appointed the Assistant Director of the Parcel and Package Division at Teamsters Canada and is the sergeant-at-arms of Joint Council 91 (Teamsters Quebec). Mr. Blanchard also sits on the Comité permanent FTQ, Arbitrages de griefs (FTQ permanent committee, grievance arbitrations), for the Teamsters in Quebec.

Michel Aubin – Vice-President

Brother Michel Aubin is a member of Local Union 931 since 1984 and did so while working for Gelco Express. He was elected Chief Steward in 1986 and, following a merger, was transferred to Purolator Courier in June 1989. He was again elected Chief Steward in 1990 and in 1997 entered the Union as Assistant Business Agent. In 1999 he was hired as Business Agent and in 2002 he was appointed Trustee Officer of Local 931. In July 2006, he was promoted to the position of Recording Secretary. Brother Aubin also participates during national contract negotiations with Purolator.

Brother Aubin also sits on the Committee on Supplemental Securities for the trucking industry in the Montreal area since January 2007 as well as serving on the Board of Directors and the Supervisory Committee of said committee’s insurance plan. Since September 2013, Brother Michel Aubin is the Deputy Political Coordinator for Quebec at Teamsters Canada and is President of Teamsters Quebec education and training Committee.  He also sits on the FTQ Permanent Committee “Education”.

On January 1st, 2019, brother Aubin was appointed by the Executive to the position of  Vice-President.

Christian Dubois – Recording Secretary

Brother Christian Dubois is a member of Local Union 931 since 1984. He was employed as a driver for Buanderie Jolicoeur and was elected Shop Steward in 1989 and Chief Executive in 1991. In October 2002 he began serving as an Assistant Business Agent and became Business Agent on January 1st, 2004. He was appointed Trustee to the Executive Committee on January 1st, 2007. Brother Christian Dubois is also member of the Standing Committee on Employment Insurance at the FTQ and is a member of the Financial Assistance Response Team at Teamsters Joint Council 91.  Brother Christian Dubois is also a graduate of the Collège-Fonds FTQ.  Brother Christian Dubois is responsible for the Training and Educational program of Local 931.

January 1st, 2019, brother Dubois was appointed by the Executive to the position of  Recording Secretary.

Alain Coursol – Trustee

Brother Alain Coursol is a member of Local Union 931 since 1987 while working for Purolator Courier. He was elected shop steward in 1989 and chief delegate in 1992. In June 2001, he became the Assistant Business Agent for the Local Union and participated in national Purolator courier negotiations. In May 2005, he was appointed Business Agent. In 2010, he was promoted to Trustee on the Executive Committee of Local 931. Brother Alain Coursol is a member of the General Council of the FTQ since September 2013.  Brother Alain Coursol also participated to the Collège-Fonds FTQ.

Pierre Cormier – Trustee

Brother Pierre Cormier is a member of Local Union 931 since 1986 as an employee at the Purolator Courier company. He was elected Shop Steward in 1999 and Deputy Chief in 2000. In 2003 he was promoted to Assistant Business Agent and in March 2006 he became the Business Agent. In September 2013, he became a member of the Executive Committee as Trustee of Local 931.  Brother Pierre Cormier is also a graduate of the Collège-Fonds FTQ.

Benoit Baillargeon – Sergeant-at-Arms

Brother Benoit Baillargeon has been a member of Local Union 931 since July 1990. In 1996, as a Chief Shop Steward at Purolator,he was working full time for Local Union 931 as an Assistant Business Agent and Liaison Officer. He was elected Shop Steward in November 1997 and Chief Steward in June 2001. Brother Baillargeon was promoted to Business Agent in July 2015 and appointed Director of Recruitment for Local 931 by President Boutin. Benoît Baillargeon also holds the position of Social Media and Website Manager.  Brother Baillargeon is also a graduate of the Collège Fonds-FTQ.  Brother Baillargeon also participates during national contract negotiations with Purolator.


Gerry Boutin – Syndic

Gerry Boutin became a member of Local Union 931 in 1973 and was elected Shop Steward and Chief Steward of his unit of some 400 workers in January 1979. In November 1983, acting president Pierre Deschamps made him an officer of Local 931’s Executive Board, appointing him to the position of Trustee. In December 1983 and January 1984, Brother Boutin worked as a substitute Business Agent and in July of that same year, he was hired as a Business Agent. In 1992, he was promoted to Recording Secretary and in 1995, to Vice-President. On December 31st, 2018, Brother Boutin left his position as President to take a trustee position.

Brother Boutin has been sitting on the Joint Council 91 Executive Board (Teamsters Quebec). Since August 2013, he has also been a Vice-President at the FTQ and political Officer for the FTQ Permanent Committee “Integration into the workforce for the disabled” and “Integration into the workforce for immigrants”. He is also administrator of the Comité d’administration et administrator of rentes complémentaires de l’industrie du camionnage de la région de Montréal as well as the Conseil d’administration et de surveillance du Régime d’assurance.

Brother Boutin is a member of the Teamsters Canada Executive Board and was appointed national representative by the Canadian president, Robert Bouvier, in September 2013.

Kelly Gegear – Executive Assistant

Kelly Gegear was hired as a secretary in April 1987 and was previously employed by the company Gelco, whose employees were unionized with Local 931. In September 1994, Sister Kelly Gegear became Executive Assistant in addition to holding numerous other functions, including Legal Secretary.

Carole GuernonCarole Guernon – Administrative Assistant

Carole Guernon has been working at Local 931 since January 1989. She was originally hired as a receptionist. In July 1992, she was promoted to the position of secretary and became a member of Local 931 in 1998. Sister Carole Guernon is now an administrative assistant and is responsible for Local Union 931’s website.

Diane PoirierDiane Poirier – Administrative Assistant

Diane Poirier originally Houle & Frère, a company whose were workers were represented by Local Union 931. She’s been working for the Local Union since May 2003. Her function is Administrative and Accounting Assistant and is also responsible for the communication with the other locals.

Sylvia Spinello

Sylvia Spinello – Account Manager

Sylvia, who has extensive professional experience in information technology and accounting-finance began working at Local 931 on May 1st, 2017.

She is responsible for the financial division of Local 931 and assists the Secretary-Treasurer in his duties. She was recruited by Local 931 management for her skills, enthusiasm and experience.